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Wholesale Terrarium Vase

Hanging Glass Terrarium Orb
Hanging Orb: H-3.5" (72pcs) GCH202/03
Hanging Orb: H-4.5" (48pcs) GCH101/04
Hanging Orb: H-5.5" (24pcs) GCH101/05
Hanging Orb: H-6.5" (18pcs) GCH101/06
Hanging Orb: H-8.0" (12pcs) GCH101/07
Hanging Orb: H-9.0" (8pcs) GCH101/08

Hanging Glass Orb with 2 Hooks
Hanging Orb: H-4.5" (48pcs) GCH101/04H2
Hanging Orb: H-5.5" (24pcs) GCH101/05H2
Hanging Tear Drop Terrarium Vase
Glass Tear Drop: H-5.5" (48pcs) GCH104/06
Glass Tear Drop: H-7.5" (36pcs) GCH104/07

Hanging Terrarium Vase
Hanging Terrarium: H-6.0" (24pcs) GCH116/06
Hanging Terrarium: H-9.5" (18pcs) GCH116/09
Hanging Terrarium: H-12.0" (12pcs) GCH116/12
Glass Baby Cloche
Baby Cloche: H-4.5" (48pcs) GCH109/04
Baby Cloche: H-6.0" (24pcs) GCH109/05

Wholesale Cylinder Vase

Taper Down Cylinder Vase
Tapered Cylinder: H-9" (12pcs) GCY063
Tapered Cylinder: H-12" (6pcs) GCY064
Tapered Cylinder: H-14" (6pcs) GCY065

Cylinder Vase: H-6" (12pcs) GCY106
Cylinder Vase: H-8" (12pcs) GCY107/08
Cylinder Vase: H-16" (6pcs) GCY109
Cylinder Vase: H-20" (6pcs) GCY110
Cylinder Vase: H-5" (12pcs) GCY055
Cylinder Vase: H-10" (6pcs) GCY055/10
Cylinder Vase: H-14" (6pcs) GCY055/14
Cylinder Vase: H-18" (6pcs) GCY055/18
Cylinder Vase: H-24" (6pcs)GCY055/24

Hurricane Candle Holder
Hurricane Candle Holder: H-9.5" (36pcs) GCH004
Hurricane Candle Holder: H-9.5" (12pcs) GCH007
Hurricane Candle Holder: H-10.0"(6pcs) GCH010

Wholesale Cube Vase

3.15" Cube Vase (24pcs) GCB001
4.00" Cube Vase (12pcs) GCB046
4.75" Cube Vase (12pcs) GCB003
6.00" Cube Vase (6pcs) GCB041
4.75" Cube Vase (12pcs) GCB003R

Wholesale Block Vase

Block Vase: Open-4", High-8" (GCB036)
Block Vase: Open-4.75", High-8" (GCB003/08)
Block Vase: Open-4.75", High-10" (GCB035)
Block Vase: Open-4.75", High-12" (GCB003/12)

Block Vase: Open-10", High-4" (GCB082)

Tapered Block Vase
Tapered Block Vase: O-2.75", H-7.5" (GCB016)
Tapered Block Vase: O-4, H-10" (GCB005)
Tapered Block Vase: O-3.25",H-9.25" (GCB015)
Tapered Block Vase: O-4", H-13.75" (GCB014)

Wholesale Rectangular Vase

Rectangular Vase: 5"H x 4"Wx3"L (GCB070)
Rectangular Vase: 7"H x 4"Wx3"L (GCB070-7)
Rectangular Vase: 7.0"H x6"Wx4"L (GCB017)
Rectangular Vase: 9.5"H x6"Wx4"L (GCB018)
Rectangular Vase: 11.75"H x6"Wx4"L (GCB019)
Rectangular Vase: 4"H x 12"Wx4"L (GCB069)

Wholesale Trumpet Vase

Color: Clear
Trumpet Vase: High-20" (GTR134)
Trumpet Vase: High-24" (GTR135)
Trumpet Vase: High-32" (GTR136)

Color: Black
Trumpet Vase: High-20" (GTR110BK)
Trumpet Vase: High-24" (GTR135BK)
Trumpet Vase: High-32" (GTR136BK)

Wholesale Apothecary Jar & Glass Cloche

Wholesale Eiffel Tower Vases Apothecary Jar: H-9.5" (12pcs) GAJ111
Apothecary Jar: H-10" (6pcs) GAJ108/10
Apothecary Jar: H-12" (4pcs) GAJ120
Apothecary Jar: H-14.75" (4pcs) GAJ115
Apothecary Jar: H-14.25" (6pcs) GAJ126

Wholesale Bubble Bowl

Bubble Bowl: H-4.5" (24pcs) GBB002
Bubble Bowl: H-6" (12pcs) GBB003
Bubble Bowl: H-10" (2pcs) GBB105
Bubble Bowl: H-14" (2pcs) GBB107
Bubble Bowl with Neck: H-10.5" (2pcs) GBB110

Wholesale Bud Vase

Bud Vase: Amber, H-8" (GCY139AM)
Square Bud Vase: Lake Blue (GSQ001LB)
Square Bud Vase: Orange (GSQ001OR)

Wholesale Vase Filler

Wholesale Vase Filler Pebbles Flat Marble: Black (GGM001BK)
Flat Marble: Black (GGM001)
Marble: Black (GGM004BK)
Glass Ice Cube: Clear (GGM031)

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